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Peak Media Company, LLC

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We're passionate about nonprofits

Nonprofit and social benefit organizations hold a special place in our heart. Often dealing with issues and challenges that governments and for-profit organizations don't want to touch (and sometimes picking up their pieces), NPO's frequently work hard with few resources to have meaningful impact. Peak Media Company is happy to contribute often and whenever we can to support nonprofits everywhere.

Hosting & Services for Nonprofits

If you're a nonprofit that uses Wordpress or Joomla, let's talk. We can provide free hosting and management services for NPO's using either platform, including all of our monitoring, backup and optimization services. Likewise, we offer discounts for services that we normally provide, like design, SEO, G Suite, social media, fundraising, etc.

Here's what we can do

  • Fully managed hosting with 20 gigs of disk space and unlimited bandwith
  • An easy-to-use yet powerful page builder for beautiful designs
  • Core and extension upgrades, uptime monitoring, weekly offsite backups
  • Support for range of extensions including CiviCRM
  • Free SSL and management or extensive record or domain management
  • DNS and record management
  • Email and helpdesk support

Some requirements

We do have a few requirements regarding our hosting services that you should consider, specifically:

  • You need to host video and audio files off the server and at a service like YouTube, etc.
  • You must manage email via G Suite (which we can support for a fee) or equivalent
  • We do limit permissions to ensure that no vulnerabilities are introduced by mistake
  • You're in charge of design, structure and content
  • You can use an alternate template, but we can't support it if it breaks on core upgrades
  • You must display an attribution on your website promoting Peak Media Company, LLC

If you're interested in learning more, let's talk.

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