You may notice some inconsistencies on this site. Bear with us as we make improvements.

Peak Media Company, LLC

Hand-crafted in Ridgway, Colorado|

You're probably familiar with the analogy about the cobbler's kids having no shoes? Well, it's the same phenomenon with our own site. Bear with us as we flesh it out such that it reflects our skill sets and expertise. In the meantime, please review our services below and, if you're interested in benefitting from them, feel free to get in touch with us.

Joomla, Wordpress design, hosting & management

We work exclusively in Joomla and Wordpress, providing design services that incorporate the latest in standards, lightning fast CMS-specific cloud hosting, and a lot of extras that ensure that your site is up, running, and optimized. We specialize in high traffic sites for medium to large sized business that have moderately complex workflows and requirements and that want a clean, clear design to push dynamic content. Here's a quick list of things that we offer with respect to basic design and site management:

  • Full HTML5 & CSS3 responsive designs
  • SEO friendly with basic optimization
  • Support for major 3rd party components
  • Uptime monitoring & performance scanning
  • Server autoscaling
  • Advanced caching and compression
  • Email & DNS management
  • Malware audits & offsite backups

We don't offer up a ton of details on server configurations and information like the number of email accounts, databases, file storage, etc. We review each client's needs on a case by case basis. Yeah, we're really hands on when it comes to both design and hosting.

We do offer many of these services at steep discounts or entirely gratis for nonprofit organizations, though there are some restrictions that we're happy to discuss with you.

Learn more about what we do for nonprofits

Google Services & Content Management

We provide a range of services that are all very focused on content strategy and on communications. We love working with Google products and with clients to ensure that their overall content strategy (website, social, email, etc.) is consistent, clear and effective. We also enjoy implementing and maintaining the the infrastructure necessary to make content management and communications painless. Services we provide include:

  • Website content management & strategy
  • Advanced Search Engine optimization
  • Social media & email campaign management
  • Google for Work (email, drive, etc.)
  • Google Analytics, Adwords, etc.
  • Google for Nonprofits

We offer a range of different services, some of which are not listed above. We're focused on delivering high quality websites that are supported by a solid infrastructure of hosting and monitoring, and maximized with critical services including content strategy and management, search engine optimization, and consistent implementation of Google products. If any of these seem valuable to you, shoot us an email.