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Design. Optimization. Management.

Experts in Graphic Design, Web Design, Content Marketing & Optimization, Managed Infrastructure.

PMC operates as a worker cooperative, maintaining expertise in system management, design and project management. We collaborate as members to bring the very best to clients and to partners.  We're progressive-minded and focused impacting our clients' and partners' bottom lines.

Global Presence

Based in the United States and in Portugal, PMC serves clients throughout North and South America, and in Western Europe. Our expertise is in English and Portuguese speaking countries.
  • Design and infrastructure support for both Joomla! and WordPress
  • Expert at and focused exclusively on the theme ecosystem
  • Clean, clear designs that are focused on optimization and accessibility

What We Do

PMC provides high quality graphic and web design, optimized content and communications, and high end managed infrastructure services to individual clients as well as white-label services for agencies in need of additional capacity. We are experts at project management and communications, and excel at deliverying high quality solutions quickly and responsively. 

Graphic Design & Responsive Web Design

We offer a full range of graphic design capabilities, supporting strategic plans, marketing and communications, or one off campaigns with elegant, compelling designs. With respect web design, we work exclusively in Joomla and Wordpress, providing design services that incorporate the latest in standards, lightning fast CMS-specific cloud hosting, extension support, and a lot of extras that ensure that your site is up, running, and optimized. We specialize in higher content oriented sites for medium to large sized business that have moderately complex workflows and requirements and that want a clean, clear design to push dynamic content.
  • Hard copy and digitial collateral designs
  • Logo & brand style guides
  • Mobile first WordPress & Joomla design
  • Wireframing, mockups and UI/UX audit
  • Advanced HTML email design
  • Support for popular extensions
  • Ecommerce & CRM

Infrastructure Management

PMC offers fully managed infrastructure solutions for websites, applications and for Google products. We do not own any hardware nor do we run a data center. Instead, we constantly research and implement the best in class solutions for each client and their respective needs. PMC manages all aspects of the infrastructure including performance and monitoring, back up and and recovery, and infrastructure migration. Simply put, we are experts at finding, managing and ultimately ensuring system performance for clients and agencies.
  • Expert Google Workspace administration
  • Uptime monitoring and malware scanning
  • Daily, weekly, monthly site audits
  • Off-site backups
  • Server auto-scaling & balancing
  • Advanced caching and compression
  • Content delivery network
  • Email and DNS management
  • Powerful web site builder

Content Management & Optimization

We have strong expertise in content optimization and strategy, and are capable of complex site and competitor audits, in-depth keyword research, and content marketing. In addition to core strenghts in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Adwords and Search Console, we use advanced applications to audit, track and recommend optimization tactics. Our design and system management skills enable us to perform a complete optimization assessment for clients including system and design related optimization tactics in addition to content management.
  • Search engine optimization
  • Competitor audits
  • Expertise in Google Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Expert content management
  • Keyword research, backlink acquisition
  • Google Ads, Shopping & Pay Per Click
  • Technical optimization
  • Site optimizaiton audits

We Don't Do Everything

We offer a range of different services, some of which are not listed above. We're focused on delivering high quality graphic design and web designs  that are supported by a solid infrastructure of hosting and monitoring, and maximized with critical services including content strategy and management, search engine optimization, and consistent implementation of Google products.

While we love all things design, we don't do everything. Whether it's graphic design, web site design, content management and optimization, or system admin work on our awesome infrastructure, we really get into it. But, there are things that we dabble in or that we're simply not experts at. We're not going to try to fool you or learn on the job. Instead, we partner with industry experts to compliment our strong set of design and technical skills.

  • Advertising & public relations

  • Strategic branding and planning

  • Photography & videograhy

  • Custom development

  • Mobile application development

  • SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly

  • Social media management

Work With Us

While we excel at many things, we are not right for everyone. We prefer to work with clients that recognize a need for a solid technology partner and designer, and that ultimately views our services as an extension of their own offerings. We prefer to be viewed as more than just service providers; we are collaborators and partners. We are very focused on providing well reasoned, designed and timely solutions. Nearly all of our clients are referred to us. Though we will assist agencies in responses, we ourselves do not respond to RFPs. We're happy to discuss any project at no charge to either determine a good fit or to point you in the right direction.

We are also passionnate about assisting agencies that need additional capacity. Let's face it... marketing, design and communications is more complex than ever. It's very difficult for any one company to offer expertise in everything. We don't, nor do we pretend to. We truly respect other shops that are of like mindset and recognize their own need for additional expertise to service a client, design a unique campaign, or build something more complex than they're comfortable with. If this resonates with you, then reach out to PMC to learn about our white label services.

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